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How it feels to have three things deep inside.



I have three things inside; The Beast, The Intellect and then there is ME grappling with the leashes of those other two.

It is the ME that is vulnerable.

If I stand behind The Beast or The Intellect then I cannot be touched. They are my guard dogs, my attack dogs, my guide dogs.

Like wolves pulling a sled, I sit tucked up in fur, a frozen Queen wishing to thaw.

I wave at the icy serfs, the starving slaves and the lost changelings who all try to stay close at the entrance of my Kingdom. I call “To the ghosts, the lonely, the needy and greedy – Let them eat cunt!”


About Prim Quim

I am an artist and therapist. I work within the themes of sexuality, repression, guilt, greed, contradiction, objectification, compulsion, itches that need to be scratched and bruises that need to be pressed. I am a consentual bruise presser, a boundary straddler and limit pusher. I interview people and witness their lives, I write about what I see, how I feel and all the beautiful fragments that make up my reality. I am the sum of all my parts - some bits move and other parts are static, some bits need oiling and other bits just run and run. I am both subject and object to myself. I am slave to my Art and so are the others who come into my sphere. I objectify and use, interrogate and examine - I need their reality and reasoning to lay alongside my own to compare, contrast, season and gorge upon. Exponent of automatic writing, compulsive self realisation and daring myself to go further.

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