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You offer me your body.


You offer me your body,

To use, to break, to vent, to punish.
Here it is, take it, it is yours you cry
Use me! break me! punish me!

But, I won’t do anything to you.
That will be excruiciatingly painful for you.
The ommision of my touch, more torturous;
More than any needles, more than any whip, more than you can bear.

If I ever see you again, I will do nothing.
I will sit you fully clothed in a chair opposite me
That man I once met and knew and loved;
And you, well, you can sit and watch me Cry!


About Prim Quim

I am an artist and therapist. I work within the themes of sexuality, repression, guilt, greed, contradiction, objectification, compulsion, itches that need to be scratched and bruises that need to be pressed. I am a consentual bruise presser, a boundary straddler and limit pusher. I interview people and witness their lives, I write about what I see, how I feel and all the beautiful fragments that make up my reality. I am the sum of all my parts - some bits move and other parts are static, some bits need oiling and other bits just run and run. I am both subject and object to myself. I am slave to my Art and so are the others who come into my sphere. I objectify and use, interrogate and examine - I need their reality and reasoning to lay alongside my own to compare, contrast, season and gorge upon. Exponent of automatic writing, compulsive self realisation and daring myself to go further.

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