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Why is a feminist posting rape videos online?

I read this article and I understand the reasons behind why she does it.

However, is she aware that there will be thousands of people watching these videos and becoming aroused rather than appalled.  Who does she think will watch the videos? search for the videos?  I do not believe that it is people of sound mind and a clear social conscience who think to themselves “I am going to ‘search for real rape’ videos just so that I can see if I know anyone who is taking part and thus outing their disgusting behaviour to my community at large”.

No, it will be people looking for extreme titilation, shock and horror – something that makes their stomach turn, head rush and feel woozy at the shame of looking, shame at wanting to look, shame at needing to look, shame at wanting to look for more.

The viewer does not care who the people are in the video, they will be looking for their own triggers of disgust, fear reminders or arousal – which can be real physical or abstract.  This is different in each viewer.  It can  be how much/little the victim struggled, the noises, the violence, the look in their eyes or how they look away or cover their face what they say and what is said to them, how they submit in the end (if they ever do) and how the ordeal comes to an end (for the viewer as the cameras stop filming).  The people in the video are mere thorns to prick the sensibilites of the viewer, like human accupuncture needles to restore, re-energise or represent the viewer. The viewer asks – how would I cope if this happened to me? would I ever do it? what would it feel like? what would happen to me? would I get drawn into it? would I walk away? what would abject fear do to me? my ego? my self? my body?

So, the posting of these videos to shame the assailants – I wonder?  the person with the camera is the cleverest one of the pack – they are hidden behind the camera, whereas the others have nothing to hide behind except the group and pack mentality. The videos that are filmed – who do they think their audience is? who is the film made for? for themselves to watch back at a later stage?, each other?, to gain kudos amongst friends? How often do they revisit the video? do they watch it to recall the frenzy? the planning? their assumed ‘bravery’? their ‘power’? their shame and horror at what they were capable of doing? what they actually did? or do they watch it looking for ways to justify their actions? to believe that it wasn’t as bad as they keep feeling it was? – “it was him…he egged us on” “if only xyz hadn’t said this…it wouldn’t have happened”.

The victim – their face blurred out still their voice, still their body, still their panic and upset, still them – no amount of blurring is going to erase that.  Still there for people to search, to see, to experience from the relative safety of their own homes in their own time, safe to shut it off if they want or add it to their favourites list of porn if it contains enough triggers for them.

As I said, I can see the rationale to why the videos are being posted but equally I can see reasons why not!


About Prim Quim

I am an artist and therapist. I work within the themes of sexuality, repression, guilt, greed, contradiction, objectification, compulsion, itches that need to be scratched and bruises that need to be pressed. I am a consentual bruise presser, a boundary straddler and limit pusher. I interview people and witness their lives, I write about what I see, how I feel and all the beautiful fragments that make up my reality. I am the sum of all my parts - some bits move and other parts are static, some bits need oiling and other bits just run and run. I am both subject and object to myself. I am slave to my Art and so are the others who come into my sphere. I objectify and use, interrogate and examine - I need their reality and reasoning to lay alongside my own to compare, contrast, season and gorge upon. Exponent of automatic writing, compulsive self realisation and daring myself to go further.

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