doors open, mouth shut

it was a lovely day

hot and sunny

The balcony doors open, breeze blowing the voile, the gardener and house keeper milling about outside whilst they were like teenagers upstairs playing.

She liked to keep quiet and discrete – his arousal heightened by the exhibitionism of people knowing/thinking they know what they were up to.

She is training him now to absorb the feelings rather than let them escape. A thwack is now not followed up by a cry out…rather a low animal moan. The rhythm of being fucked and taken, not followed up by panting and loud positive exclaimations for God. Rather a near silent outpouring of built up pleasure, pain and power. She prefered it like that – it wouldn’t burst their bubble, it kept it all for themselves, their secret, their history been made, the eternal she and he, the universal us.